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WizIQ Meet gives you the freedom to choose how you work with your meeting attendees. Whether you’re hosting a digital webinar, conducting a meeting, teaching a class, or managing a corporate collaboration meeting, the possibilities for using our tool is endless.

Connect, Collaborate and Learn with our digital whiteboard

Whether your teams are co-located, distributed, or fully remote, WizIQ Meet provides an engaging, intuitive experience with multiple options for real-time collaboration on an online whiteboard.

Multi-User Whiteboard

The multi-user whiteboard is a great feature for engaging participants in your WizIQ Meet session. When you turn on the multi-user whiteboard, your session participants will have access to the annotation toolbar and can annotate the presentation area.

Screen Sharing options

While in a breakout room, users cannot hear audio from the main meeting. If the moderator wishes to communicate to everyone at once, they can “Broadcast” a text-based message to all participants.

The moderator can choose to wait in the main session while participants work, or they can enter and leave the breakouts to provide guidance or listen to what’s happening.

Sharing External Videos

WizIQ Meet allows the presenter to share any video using links from different video streaming platforms like YouTube.

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