Online whiteboard for easy collaboration

WizIQ Meet has a fast, free, and simple-to-use online whiteboard built to help you connect, collaborate and learn with others anytime, anywhere.

Team collaboration using our digital whiteboard

Connect with users on the online whiteboard to share ideas, take notes, etc. Use video conference, screen sharing, and presentation mode to run engaging meetings. WizIQ Meet is lightning fast, making it easy for many people to work all at once.

Multi-User Whiteboard

The multi-user whiteboard is a great feature for engaging participants in your WizIQ Meet session. When you turn on the multi-user whiteboard, your session participants will have access to the annotation toolbar and can annotate the presentation area.

Screen Sharing options

A presenter in WizIQ Meet can use screen sharing to display content from their local desktop/laptop.

Use screen sharing to show viewers dynamic content or content that cannot be uploaded into the WizIQ Meet as static content; you can share your entire screen or an application window from your local desktop or laptop device.

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